Why I stop for beautiful moments…

I was made to like and find joy in the wildflowers, sunsets, and waves at the beach. I find joy in harmony of song, coffee with friends, and holding my husband’s hand. I am a lover of my husband of 35 years, where we live together by a picturesque river in upstate New York.

Encouraging others and loving strangers on their journey through life gives me much joy. Through putting my faith in God, I have found how to experience strength in the midst of pain, joy in the midst of sorrow, and I choose to see beauty in unexpected places.

I embrace writing like I breathe, finding it simply a part of me that fills up my soul, making the space inside me dance for joy. I am a lover of words, that when strung together either make songs or strength for other people.

Capturing beauty through the lens of my camera is something that I delight in. I also am a maker of cards and a planter of flowers, of hope, and of never giving up.

My soul is satisfied in worshiping God, who fashioned me and put me together in my mother’s womb. I am weak, but He has made me strong. What was meant to hurt me in life, God has turned around for the good. He has clothed me in what I am for His purpose.

I am a beach walker and love time spent soaking in the waves that come ashore at my feet.

I have spent many years walking the road of infertility and miscarriage and know the depth of pain and sorrow.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean with my husband to adopt our son, age 2 at the time, in the country of Bulgaria, was an experience of a lifetime. In walking the road of being a mom since 1998, I have learned to love deeply and am still learning how to love and let go as the years go by.

I strive to be a peacemaker in stormy situations, and I am someone who loves and looks for color and hope in the middle of my days.

I facilitate journaling classes for women at my church and love to sit around a table of hope and hear women share their stories through journaling.

I write words that will bring hope to broken hearts and write about finding perspectives of joy and beauty in the midst of daily times and difficult times. I write words that will point to the Rescuer and Restorer of broken hearts, and His name is Jesus.