Waves of confidence

Waves of confidence

~ Where the water meets the sand ~

The brilliance of the water sparkles as the sun shines down on the surface of the water before me. Foamy sprays come near as waves rise and then fall as they come ashore. The beauty to my eyes delights my senses and fills me with awe and wonder. The wind and breezes blow as they carry their refreshment to those who, like me, love to sit with their toes in the sand.

I am one who writes words that, much like the breeze, bring refreshment to those who read them. There’s no place I’d rather be on earth than here, listening to the ocean proclaim the glory of God.

The confidence of a little girl

I watched as the gift of freedom was lived out in the life of a little girl as she played along the ocean’s edge. I watched her as she skipped by me in her bathing suit heading to the water with her family. She skipped along behind them and then stopped and sat down where the edge of the water meets the sand, not far from where I was sitting.

There she sat, cross legged, for the longest time, enjoying the water as it came ashore near her feet, oblivious to anything or anyone else around her. She then got up and waded into the water, freely enjoying the waves splashing around her little feet. The freedom of this little girl made me smile as I watched her frolic and play, not noticing or caring what others thought about her. She did not worry about how she looked in her bathing suit or if anyone noticed her sitting cross legged in the sand by herself.

Confidence lost and re-gained

I thought about what happens to little girls when they start to grow up? The cares of life and “what others think” become so enormous that they stop playing and sitting cross legged in the sand of life and stop skipping on the beach they used to play on. I think some of it is probably a normal part of the growing up of the little girl, and part of it is something in life experiences that take away the innocent confidence of who she is. For some girls, they get lost in that place where confidence and self-esteem used to live and where growing up begins, trying to find out who they were created to be.

I was much like the little girl who sat down at the edge of the water where it meets the sand; enjoying the freedom childhood brings. As I grew up, I lived through places in life where confidence in who I was disappeared. After being in the place where confidence was lost, God restored me to who I am, and now my confidence is in Christ and who He made me to be. It took many years, but I have found freedom again in sitting at the water’s edge. When I’m there now, I don’t frolic and play like a little girl, but my heart skips and dances inside as I put words on paper while I sit with sand between my toes.

Words on a page for you

Just as the waves come ashore from the never ending movement pushing them closer, so words flow from my heart onto the paper as I write. I am someone who writes words that tell stories, words that describe beauty, words that bring healing, words that express my pain, words that restore my heart, and words that bring hope to the edges of my soul.

So, I invite you, my reader, to come and sit for awhile ~ At The Water’s Edge ~ and read my stories about finding beauty in the midst of the broken, finding hope in the middle of situations that leave you without hope, and finding restoration through Jesus for the places in your soul that ache for a touch from Him. They are #onlyGod stories because I would not have healing, hope, or restoration without Him. Even after restoration happens, daily hope is still needed to continue on life’s journey at the edge of wherever you find yourself. There is a place for you here.

Thank you for spending time here reading, At The Water’s Edge, where the water meets the sand in between your toes.

10 thoughts on “Waves of confidence

  1. Linda

    Noreen, I always love reading what God lays on your heart! Your words spill out peace and contentment. Never stop writing!
    God has given you a gift of words!

    1. Noreen S.

      Linda – Your encouragement means so much to me, and I’m grateful for your friendship. ♡

  2. Teresa Rudd
    Teresa Rudd says:

    Hi. Very nice flow of words describing our Jesus. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Noreen S.

      Teresa – Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by to read. ♡

  3. Donna Henry
    Donna Henry says:

    My beautiful friend, what a joy to see this blog. Your words of hope have touched so my hearts, including mine. I look forward to all the words you will write here. Love you, Noreen.

    1. Noreen S.

      Donna – Your encouragement and love means a lot to me. ♡ Thank you for the ways you speak into my life and for being here.

  4. Michelle Bailey
    Michelle Bailey says:

    Lovely writing. I am reading this from the water’s edge right now. It amazes me how the ocean can be so peacefully beautiful and fearfully powerful at the same time. .. much like our Lord.

    1. Noreen S.

      Michelle – So true, “much like our Lord”. So glad you were here today. ♡

  5. Zeola

    Noreen your gift for putting feelings on paper is a true talent from God. You are a blessing to me and to many others???

    1. Noreen S.

      Thank you so much, Z. I am glad that you stopped by to read!! ?

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