On This Side

On This Side

I stopped for this

The doctor’s office was empty except for the receptionist. Lights were off in the waiting rooms except for the natural light coming in the windows. I still could feel the touch of the cold thermometer placed across my forehead when I first came in the door downstairs. The words from the lady at the front door, none too nicely, echoed in my ears, “Why are YOU here? You are supposed to get a phone call only from the doctor.” I told her that the nurse had called me and said they would like to see me in the office. Yes, here.

Waiting in the silence

I sat down to wait in the “never seen empty before” waiting room. On the seat next to me was a sign that read, “Do Not Sit Here.”

My visit with my doctor of 33 years went well, as we spoke of the chaos and changes of the past few months, and, not to forget, my blood pressure in the midst of it all.

I left with my lab slip for bloodwork and walked silently down the three flights of stairs (avoiding the elevator, which is a “closed in space”, and which I probably would have had all to myself anyway in the quietness).

The quietness spoke loudly through the silence.

Processing the pain

The sunshine and blue sky greeted me as I took off my mask upon entering the fresh air of the day. I thought about the empty I had experienced inside.

I passed the peaceful protesters with their signs as I drove by on my way back to work. They were speaking their voices peacefully.

I knew I needed to concentrate through the work day with certain images from the night before infiltrating my mind. Fire, broken glass, anger, boarded up windows, looting, rioting, sirens, etc.; situations where police are needed to intervene in the midst of the chaos.

A view worth stopping for

On my drive home I stopped for this view. A glimpse of beauty in the green, white, and blue. A pause in the journey of the thoughts of the day. A journey through the field to the hills in the distance. A glimpse of a peace filled place in the wildflowers, the old fencepost, and the curve of the hills as they meet the sky above. God-given beauty unwrapped for us with eyes to see. A remembrance of the colors of the red, white, and blue in our flag that represents freedom.

Heart mending thoughts

Sometimes we need to sit in the place of empty to feel our own heart beating and to realize again the great value in the human heart that beats just like ours; the one we pass on the street, see in the store, see crying on the corner, and see the hurting with a child in their arms. Eyes need to meet and know that God made them both irregardless of color. Value has been placed in both hearts.

The empty gives pause

The empty gives pause to hearing the beating of another heart, just like mine. ♡

The empty gives pause to seeking peace in the midst of times when life does not seem to be peaceful. ♡

The empty gives pause for me to attempt to love those around me the best way that I can. ♡

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